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Are you feeling stress and overwhelmed and spend your nights laying in bed wide awake worrying about tomorrow. You know you will be walking around like a zombie the next day and will have not the patience, the calm, the focus, the everyday (social) skills that you desperately need. Let alone feeling the contentment and joy of life. All you want is to feel like a human being again.

Hi, I'm Ragna (Ragnheiður for those who are fluent in Icelandic ;)) I'm known for making people feel at ease and have a calming energy so you are in good hands. I´m known as the Icelandic Queen of Calm :)

With both an academic and an unconventional background I have been teaching both in traditional schools as well as seminars and workshops for 10 years now. From nutrition, biology and microbiology to meditation, mindful eating, yoga and my favorite yoga nidra.

I've combined all my experience to help busy professional women escape the wheel of stress by activating their soothing system so they can relax, recharge and reconnect to themselves and find their inner peace and calm within (again).

Available Products

Calm Membership with Ragna

Ready to release overwhelm and stress? I offer you an easy way to help you stay calm and collected instead of drowning in the sea of overwhelm and chaos. I've created this membership so you can have access to all the tools you need to feel strong, joyful, alive, and calm.

Choose calm over chaos :) 

Spring Cleaning with Ragna

So you really wanted to get more clients, or be more visible or write your book or juggling life's responsibilities, or (fill in the thing that you want but is not working for your). 

Do you think there is no way out? That this is it? 

Think again! You can change feeling stuck in less than an hour. 

Here's Ragna's super effective Spring Cleaning Release the Obstacle and get unstuck today (broom is optional) 😊

Ragna will guide you through her 5 step method to clear the path to you destination. With her help you will clear trapped emotions, energy and obstacles that are holding you back in the most effective and easy way. Her heartfelt and calm presence will make you feel safe and held. 

So you can move forward in the most elegant way. 

This price is a introductory price and includes a 3 sessions 1-on-1 with Ragna (60 min) where you work together clearing and rearranging so you can have a complete new outlook on life and business.

RÓ - CALM - Yoga nidra Recordings with Ragna

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation method sometimes called the Yogic Sleep. It's the easiest way to find relaxation, calm and inner peace. All you have to do is lay down and follow the sound of my voice.

This collection of video-recorded Yoga Nidras are just perfect to allow yourself rest, rejuvenation and connection to your inner self. They are selected for calm, relaxation, self-love and acceptance so you can joyfully ease your way forward. 

Love and Joy - Meditation Recordings with Ragna

This collection of video-recorded meditations will take you from "argh" to "ohm" in an easy and accessible way. Just follow that sound of my voice and allow yourself to be soothed, calm and relaxed.  

Let go of stress - Yoga Nidra session

Recharge, reconnect and relax in a way you never have before. Experience the deepest relaxation you ever have. Yoga Nidra is absolutely the best way to find the calm and peace within. Get ready for this amazing session with Ragna - The Icelandic Queen of Calm. 

Personalized Yoga Nidra Session

You've tried everything to get a good night's sleep but nothing has worked so far. All you want is not to walk around like a zombie. In this session we will dive deep and come up with a solid plan and a personalized positive intention that I will integrate into your personalized Yoga Nidra recording, just for you, so you can feel like a human being again.

Masterclass Collection with Ragna

This collection contains three of my favorite and most popular masterclasses that will help you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.  Find the ways and methods that will help you. Allow yourself to feel loved, be soothed, calmed and relaxed.  

This Masterclass Collection is part of the Enhance your Calm - Holiday offer

Meditation with Ragna

This meditation course will give you everything you need to start your tiny meditation practice. From mindfulness tips to a Yoga Nidra - sleep-based meditation - recording and everything in between. 
This course is included in the Calm membership with Ragna.

Course of Calm - Free

Find you calm in this five part video course. The lesson videos are short and to the point because you need fast methods that relieve your stress quickly and easily. Start now to feel relaxed and calm in almost no time at all. Get free access here.

Self-care Retreat

Slow down to find your inner joy, clarity and calm.  All self-care adds up, so just start small. Start by giving yourself this gift of joining this Self-care Retreat.
This Self-care Retreat is included in the Calm Membership with Ragna so if you want access to a whole world of calm, meditations, masterclasses, yoga nidras and more you can become a member there. 

1:1 sessions with Ragna

Are you feeling stuck and can't figure out why? Do you have a hard time moving forward in you life, work or business. 

Ragna will help you clear trapped emotions and obstacles that are holding you back. Her heartfelt and calm presence will make you feel safe and held. 

So you can move forward in the most elegant way. Choose your option below. 

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