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We are living in overwhelming and difficult times. Most of us feel scattered and confused. You might even think this is how you're supposed to feel.

But you don’t have to feel like this!

You can feel content, even in the middle of chaos.

How do I know?

This is where my expertise lies - in helping my clients release overwhelm and stress so that they find inner calm and peace and their world makes sense again.

We are all going through an unprecedented time. We all need support. I offer you an easy way to help you stay calm and collected instead of drowning in the sea of overwhelm and chaos.

A confused, judgmental mind makes mistakes, it causes arguments with ourselves and those we love and it ultimately leads to a painful burn-out.

I don't want that for you. I want you to have the tools to feel relaxed and on top of things in almost no time at all. So that you can have a life worth living, even amid a pandemic.

Is that something you want to experience?

I've created a membership where you have access to all the tools you need to feel strong, alive, and calm.

My name is Ragna, yoga teacher and meditation expert. My friends call me the Icelandic Queen of Calm and I know what is needed for your relaxed well-being.

I have a background in both academic and other studies. I've been teaching nutrition, biology, microbiology, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, mindful eating, Yoga Nidra, and self-compassion to people all over the world from young students to burned-out parents.

In the membership we'll dive in to into different topic every months such as how to save yourself from stress and why it's important, how to activate the soothing system to counteract the threat system (fight, flight, freeze response), explore self-compassion as a foundation for self-care, learn how to meditate even if we don't know how or are too stressed to do so, explore how we can combine mindfulness and eating in mindful eating and many more interesting and helpful topics.

The themes are around self-care, self-compassion, meditation/mindfulness, better sleep, stress reduction and more so you can live the joyous and peaceful life you crave.


  • Monthly themes
    • Monthly Workshop/training
    • Monthly Meditation to support the theme
    • Monthly Instructions for the monthly meditation 
  • Courses 
    • Less stress - Better sleep course
    • Meditation course
  • Previous Online Retreats 
    • Summer Solstice Online Retreat
    • Connect within Online Retreat
    • Winter Solstice Celebration 
    • Spring Equinox Mini Retreat
  • I need calm now! 
    • Short videos that take you from chaos to calm in (almost) no time at all.
  • Mediation Hub
    • Here you'll find a collection of different meditations so that you can start relaxing with one click.  
  • Yoga Nidra Sleep-based mediation
    • Yoga Nidra are sleep-based meditation and relaxation that will give you the best relaxations and sleep. Magical. 

If you are ready to choose calm and healthy over chaos and feeling tired-all-the-time I invite you to join the new membership at the best price! 

32 Modules

Yoga Nidra - Sleep-based meditation

Yoga Nidra are sleep-based meditation and relaxation that will give you the best relaxations and sleep. Just a wonderful way to feel relaxed and calm. All you have to do is lay down with a blanket and listen lightly. 

May - Activate your soothing system

The theme of this month is to activate your soothing system. Here we go over the what, why, when.

Meditation is included. 

June - Save yourself from stress

This months theme is around stress. Do we need it? What can we do to release stress when it's too much. 

Meditation is included.

July - Play and Joy - Summer Fun

The theme of the month is about how we can add more play and joy into our Summer. What can be done and how we nourish ourselves. 

Two meditations included. 

August - Compassionate Self-care

This month's theme is about Compassionate Self-Care. How is it different, what steps do we need to practice it and how it brings more inner peace and well-being. 

September - Self-Acceptance and the Tricky Brain

This month's theme is about Self-Acceptance and our Tricky Brain. It's very helpful to understand how our Tricky Brain affects our Self-Acceptance. You will have a better understanding of yourself and your tricky brain making self-acceptance so much easier. 

October - Mindfulness in Everyday Life

This month's theme is about how to add Mindfulness to our everyday life in a fun and easy way. It can be fun to add mindfulness to everyday tasks and see what that brings us. 

April - Spring cleaning - Decluttering

Springs brings us more energy to tackle projects that have been on the backburner for the Winter (or longer :) ). Spring cleaning/clearing and decluttering are a perfect match for this month. Learn easy ways to clean/clear and declutter your physical space, digital space, your mind and supporting your body in doing it's own clearing.

We also do a clearing meditation for our body, mind and the magnetic field around our body. 

Modules for this product 32
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