Love and Joy - Meditation Recordings with Ragna

These video-recorded meditations are especially chosen to release stress, get better sleep, find inner peace, calm and ease. It also focuses on self-compassion, acceptance, gratitude and love towards ourselves

This is a mix of breathing meditations, guided meditations and visualizations. Some even include hand movements in line with the breathing that are excellent for active minds as it gives the mind a more complex task than "just breath" or "just meditate", keeping the mind engaged :) 

There is even a bonus meditations that has a view of the outdoors in the Winter in Iceland. 

The meditations vary in length, from 1 minute - Breathe with me - meditation to a 16 minute deeply relaxing self-compassion meditation so you can find the perfect one for you depending on the time you have. 

Enjoy this "album" now. 

And remember to breathe!

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