Let go of stress - Yoga Nidra session

This is the easiest way to relax, recharge and reconnect to yourself. I'm being serious here. All you have to do is to lay back with a blanket and listen to my voice.

Couldn't be easier ;) 

Whenever I feel like nothing will work on improving my health, my well-being or even my mood - I do a Yoga Nidra session for myself. 

Hi, I'm Ragna (Ragnheiður for those who are fluent in Icelandic ;)) I'm known for making people feel at ease and have a calming energy so you are in good hands. I´m known as the Icelandic Queen of Calm :)

With both an academic and an unconventional background I have been teaching both in traditional schools as well as seminars and workshops for 10 years now.
From nutrition, biology and microbiology to meditation, mindful eating, yoga and my favorite yoga nidra. 

I've combined all my experience to help women escape the wheel of stress by activating their soothing system so they can relax, recharge and reconnect to themselves and find their inner peace and calm within. 

My clients tell me that my soothing voice is made for leading meditations and yoga nidra sessions. Maybe my calm and soothing voice comes from the beautiful Icelandic nature :) 


What is yoga nidra?
Yoga nidra is a sleep based meditation. We all know how to fall asleep - even though it can sometimes proves hard to do -  but eventually we do fall asleep.

Yoga nidra guided meditation uses the stages we all go through when we fall asleep to relax the body and the mind. 

But instead going all the way to the sleeping stage, we use the stage just before you fall asleep to rejuvenate your whole body and mind.  

Do I need to buy yoga pants and a mat?
There is no need for a fancy yoga pants or a yoga mat for this yoga nidra session. You are totally welcome to use those if you have them but I would recommend a thicker mattress than a yoga mat to lay on - just so you can get comfortable during the yoga nidra session. 

Do I need do something special or bring something special for this yoga nidra session?
Lay down on a comfortable surface - preferably on your back - with a blanket or two. Your body temperature will most likely drop during the session as you drop down into the deep relaxation state.

What will happen after I purchase this yoga nidra session?
After purchase you will get access to a video recording you can use anytime anywhere - unless you are driving - and walking ... Wait - anywhere you can safely rest your head and relax for a bit.

How long will this yoga nidra session take?
This recording is around 20 min so I can be certain that you will enter the relaxed state that will rejuvenate you, leave you refreshed and feeling like a new person :)  

Anything else I need to know?
Just lay down and relax. I assure you, the hardest thing will be to not fall asleep :) 

It's time for the deepest relaxation you have ever experienced. 

Love from Iceland, 

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