1:1 sessions with Ragna

Are you feeling stuck and can't figure out why?

Have you been trying to reach a reasonable goal but somehow it feels like it's not within reach.

Do you feel like something is off so you can't move forward in you life, work or business. 

Book your sessions here so you can transform and clear what is holding you back. 


An Emotion Code session with Ragna is so much more than I expected. I had had an Emotion Code session before and found it to be very effective, but also a bit mechanic.

The sessions and time spent with Ragna felt incredibly healing. I can't describe it in any other way than pure love. I felt protected seen, valued and loved. The fact that Ragna has years of experience as a therapist, scientist and teacher shines through everything she does.

Ragna helped me reconnect with a part of myself that I had forgotten: Joy! I was able to let go of elements in my business that didn't serve me anymore and to make a fresh and very promising start within days!

Highly recommended to every professional and entrepreneur who feels stuck, or has a 'something-is-off-and-I-want-it-to-go-asap' feeling.

Add Ragna to your toolbox, you can thank me later

-Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

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