Spring Cleaning with Ragna

So you really wanted to get more clients, or be more visible or write your book or juggling life's responsibilities more effectively, or (fill in the thing that you want but is not working for your).  

Do you struggle with being consistent and putting yourself out there? Do you need help identifying blind-spots so you can move forward? 

Do you think there is no way out? That this is it? 

Think again! You can change feeling stuck in less than an hour. 

Here's Ragna's super effective Spring Cleaning Release the Obstacle and get unstuck today (broom is optional) 😊

Ragna will guide you through her - 5 step method - to clear the path to you destination.

She will clear trapped emotions, energy and obstacles that are holding you back in the most effective and easy way.

Her heartfelt and calm presence will make you feel safe and held. 

So you can move forward in the most elegant way. 

" I was very surprised that one could release such deeply stored emotions with such ease. I felt very comfortable during the session and in Ragnas presence. She would guide me through the process in a very gentle and light way. ... The best thing about the session with Ragna is that her presence is very welcoming and holding"


The 5 step method 

1. It's time to share
Off-load all hard stuff that keeps you from moving forward in the most inviting, non-judgemental, heartwarming space. You will feel held and safe to share what is most holding you back. 

2. Identify the most important thing.
To minimize overwhelm Ragna will identify the topic that is most important for you right NOW so you can move forward.

3. It's clearing time
Ragna will work her magic, clear the biggest obstacles so your energy can flow again. This is Spring Cleaning for your mind, body and soul. 

4. Positive I am statement 
Co-create with Ragna an I AM statement or a mantra that can connect you to the new, to the transformed state. 

5. Rearrange the new
After clearing it's time to rearrange and align your INNER HOUSE. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after this Spring Cleaning for your body, mind and soul.

This price is a introductory price and includes a three (3) sessions 1-on-1 with Ragna (60 min) where she will guide you through her effective 5 step method - clearing and rearranging so you can have a complete new outlook on life and business.

Book now to transform and clear what is holding you back so that you can feel calm again, grounded, healed, and ready for the next step in your life and business.

"We worked together on my visibility and lots of past experiences came up and have been now released using this technique with her. I have now developed a good energy around showing up on social media with trust and confidence, which was not there entirely before our session"
Alina Barna 

Blocks are often deep within us and we can't quite put our finger on but can feel that they are affecting us in subtle ways.

It's important to identify and clear those blocks within so that we can move forward in life and business.

The 5 step method is perfect when we've noticed that something is holding us back but it's not clear to us what that thing is.

Do a Spring cleaning within and see your outer world change. 

"The sessions and time spent with Ragna felt incredibly healing. I can't describe it in any other way than pure love. I felt protected seen, valued and loved. The fact that Ragna has years of experience as a therapist, scientist and teacher shines through everything she does.

Ragna helped me reconnect with a part of myself that I had forgotten: Joy! I was able to let go of elements in my business that didn't serve me anymore and to make a fresh and very promising start within days!

Highly recommended to every professional and entrepreneur who feels stuck, or has a 'something-is-off-and-I-want-it-to-go-asap' feeling. Add Ragna to your toolbox, you can thank me later." 
Esther de Charon

🌿 Meet Ragna: Your Guide to Inner Space

Hello, I'm Ragna—a nature-loving empath and guide for healers, coaches, mentors, trainers, and leaders seeking balance and self-care. With a passion for supporting those who hold space for others, I offer a compassionate hand on your journey to reclaiming well-being.

🧘‍♀️ Empowering Space Holders

Are you a healer, coach, mentor, trainer, or leader feeling stretched thin, with little space left for yourself? I understand the challenges of balancing service to others with self-care. Let me guide you to clarity, connection, and transformation.

🌸 Spring Cleaning with Ragna

In my sessions, we'll embark on a journey using my 5-step method to release obstacles, clear energy blockages, and create a path to your desires. Together, we'll sweep away what's holding you back, leaving you refreshed, empowered, and ready for your next chapter.

🌱 Experience the Difference

Clients describe my sessions as deeply healing, heartwarming, and transformative. Let's work together to create the space you need to thrive.

P.s. Use the code SPRING123 for your Spring discount 😘

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