Enhance your Calm - Holiday Offer 1

It's time to Enhance your Calm.

You don't have to do this alone. I've carefully composed 3 elements that will calm your nervous system so that the holidays become joyous again and you can handle the end of the year stress with a smile on your face. 

A: Love and Joy - Meditation Album 
B: RÓ - CALM - Yoga Nidra Album 
C: Masterclasses Collection (3 masterclasses + 1 bonus).

Price $97 with crazy discount ($435 if all added together).

Use the coupon: 123CALM to activate your discount. 

*More details about each product: *

A: Love and Joy - Meditation Recordings with Ragna

These video-recorded meditations are especially chosen to release stress, get better sleep, find inner peace, calm and ease. It also focuses on self-compassion, acceptance, gratitude and love towards ourselves

This is a mix of breathing meditations, guided meditations and visualizations. Some even include hand movements in line with the breathing that are excellent for active minds as it gives the mind a more complex task than "just breath" or "just meditate", keeping the mind engaged :) 

There is even a bonus meditations that has a view of the outdoors in the Winter in Iceland. 

The meditations vary in length, from 1 minute - Breathe with me - meditation to a 16 minute deeply relaxing self-compassion meditation so you can find the perfect one for you depending on the time you have. 

B: RÓ - CALM - Yoga Nidra Recordings with Ragna

These video-recorded Yoga Nidras  are especially designed for relaxation, self-love and calm. All Yoga Nidras release stress,  help you get better sleep and find peace, calm and ease.

It's an amazing way to clear your mind and allow your body to rest beautifully. It's easy to do because you can just lay down and listen to the sound of my voice.

The Yoga Nidras in this album also focuses on self-love, acceptance and gratitude.

Each Yoga Nidra includes different methods to relax body and mind so you can reach the deepest relaxation and restorative yogic sleep. 

There are two bonus meditations. One that has a view of the outdoors in the Winter in Iceland and another where the focus in on Self-compassion, love and gratitude.  

The Yoga Nidras in length, from about 20 min to 42 minutes depending on how much time you have for a yogic nap. 

C: Masterclasses Collection with Ragna

This collection contains three of my favorite and most popular masterclasses that will help you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.  Find the ways and methods that will help you. Allow yourself to feel loved, be soothed, calmed and relaxed.  

The first masterclass is on how to activate your soothing system. This focus on how we calm ourselves and has information about the three emotion regulating systems - The threat system, the drive system and the soothing system. This can help us have better understanding on how our mind operates. It includes ways to activate our soothing system so we are not in constant overdrive of the threat and drive systems. 

The second masterclass is about the biology of calm and how we can use that knowledge for our own well-being and health. It includes information about the different nervous systems and how we can use that information to calm our body and mind which in return helps us to operate, focus and just feel better. 

The third masterclass is about self-love - a popular topic. Here I share my four favorite methods on how we can cultivate self-love. It's important that we understand the shared human experience as well as find our own way to fill our cup. It's impossible to pour from an empty cup. 

The bonus masterclass speak directly into the holiday season. This masterclass is about how we can survive and thrive during the holiday season. The methods can be applied to almost every stressful event in your life so it's a very valuable bonus :) 

Each masterclass includes a meditation related to the topic and instruction for that meditation. 

This Holiday bundle offer has all you need to feel calm and relaxed in the most gentle and compassionate way. 

Want more support? Add three private session with Ragna with VIP - Enhance your Calm - Holiday Offer

Use the coupon code: 123CALM to activate your discount. 

3 Modules

A: Love and Joy - Meditation Recordings with Ragna

Beautiful video-recorded meditations with instructions. The meditations vary in length but focus on reducing stress, calming the body and mind and self-love. 

B: RÓ - CALM - Yoga Nidra Recordings with Ragna

Beautiful video-recorded Yoga Nidra with instructions. The Yoga Nidras vary in length but focus on reducing stress, calming the body and mind and deep self-care.

Modules for this product 3
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