Summer Sweep with Ragna

So you really wanted to get more clients, or finally clean your house, or write your book , or (fill in the thing that you want but is not working for your).  

Do you think there is no way out? That this is it? 

Think again! You can change feeling stuck in less than an hour. 

Here's Ragna's super effective Summer Sweep - Release the Obstacle and get unstuck today (broom is optional) 

Ragna will guide you through her 5 step method to clear the path to you destination. She will clear trapped emotions, energy and obstacles that are holding you back in the most effective and easy way. Her heartfelt and calm presence will make you feel safe and held. 

So you can move forward in the most elegant way. 

The 5 step method 

1. It's time to share
Off-load all hard stuff that keeps you from moving forward in the most inviting, non-judgemental, heartwarming space. You will feel held and safe to share what is most holding you back. 

2. Identify the most important thing.
To minimize overwhelm Ragna will identify the topic that is most important for you right NOW so you can move forward.

3. It's clearing time
Ragna will work her magic, clear the biggest obstacles so your energy can flow again. This is Spring Cleaning for your mind, body and soul. 

4. Positive I am statement 
Co-create with Ragna an I AM statement or a mantra that can connect you to the new, to the transformed state. 

5. Rearrange the new
After clearing it's time to rearrange and align your INNER HOUSE. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after this Spring Cleaning for your body, mind and soul.

This price is a introductory price (add SUMMER to the coupon area for an extra special price). This offer includes a 3 sessions 1-on-1 with Ragna (40-55 min) where she will guide you through her effective 5 step method - clearing and rearranging so you can have a complete new outlook on life and business.

Book now so you can transform and clear what is holding you back.

Only 5 spots available. 

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